Director's Message

Learning is a continuous process happening in our every action. One of the biggest lessons I have learnt from the life experiences is about the power of thoughts and confidence to achieve positive productive output in my life. I and my team have worked very hard to achieve this position at which we are right now. Scholar total satisfaction is our motto right from the preparation of books up to its users from urban to remote areas.


  • Maintain Quality
  • Timely Availability
  • Reasonable Price
  • These are the primary concerns of our business in the way of achieving overall success. Without quality, availability and sensible pricing no one can stand in this highly turbulent publishing field. We always prefer to read a and give best quality as per our student’s desire. We strictly concentrate on quality from the starting of book preparation up to final completion. We are regularly asking our valued apprentices about the quality of the books supplied by us. We also maintain stocks for providing best product and service on demand towards the entire satisfaction of our valued scholars.

    We always ensure full participation of our employees and professors in achieving our objectives. Open management policies, transparent business arrangements are the areas that do carry special significance. It is our awareness that guides us in this highly competitive and volatile world which is changing by every passing second. We have mushroomed in every nook and corner adding to the satisfaction of customers. We have done wonders in the past and we are confident of our future. We aim to increase our volumes across every part of the value chain and quadruple our value in the market. The company has witnessed strong growth in all the areas.

    The future beckons with the promise of bigger challenges. The present is giving us the strength to thrust ahead. I am confident that we shall continue to offer the best in terms of products, services and more importantly, values.

    Thank You,
    Rajesh Patne
    Managing Director